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This is the basic electronic kit that allows the user to familiarise themselves with the most important electricity concepts. Great gift! Check out the demo here.

Main Features:
-Safe and easy to operate. Each component has a code printed, snap-together parts design, well-connected and no extra tools needed.
-Over 30 projects with components push-button switch, LED, lamp, battery box, motor and more.
-Beginner electronics discovery kit, assemble a circuit in 2 minutes, stimulate kids’ interest in science.
-Edutainment way for kids to study, clear illustrated manual help them get familiar with circuits and components.
-Help develop children’s imagination, creativity, self-learning skills and hands-on ability, guide them to come up with more innovative ideas.
-Great educational gift for kids, family involved electronic set, bring hours of fun!

1. This beginners smart circuits electronic discovery kit can help kids learn basic circuits and components knowledge, stimulate their interest in science.
2. With the snap-together design, the electronic set is easy to operate, the circuit structures can be seen clearly, and kids can know how to make the components work.
3. This playing, learning and thinking set toy is suitable for children over 8 years old and it can encourage kids to come up with more innovative ideas and to design the circuits they want.
4. There are illustrated circuit diagram, circuits pinciples in the manual, which help them understand the circuits knowledge and the application of different components.

Package includes:

1 * A set of electronics discovery kit
2 * Manual


Batteries (2 X AA Cells) are NOT included.

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